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Energizers in effervescent tablets

iRon Puls and Power fizz Isosport are energy drinks in tablets . Contains a comprehensive formula of vitamins and minerals that help to maintain general health and vitality. Each product offers unique nutritional support.Increases concentration and reaction speed in order to improve body’s efficiency. Stimulates the metabolism.

Power fizz isosport is a refreshing isotonic drink in effervescent tablets. Designed specially for active people who wants to maintain optimum nutrition levels while training.Isosportcontains minerals that stimulate and strenghten the cell and bone structure, Viamin E that protects body from the negative effect of free radicals, B-complex.

iRon Puls is an innovative combination of vitamins and active substances. It contains Taurin that improves concentration, caffeine that reduces tiredness, inositol and vitamins B complex that have have a positive impact on body cells.One tablet contains 64mg caffeine, 20 mg inositol, 400mg taurin and vitamin B-comples 33% RDA.

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